Power Substation & Transmission

Power Substation & Transmission

DYMEC is synchronizing digital technologies for reliable power. Built on the international standard IEC 61850, DYMEC’s world-leading digital substation networks achieve new heights in reliability, interoperability and real-time performance. The digital substation can save lives, while bridging the gap between the equipment of the process bus level and the station level. Benefits Include:


Digitization of all data at the source reduces the risk of electrocution dramatically. The elimination of open current circuits minimizes exposure to high voltage electricity and reduces the risk of damaging equipment.

Easy & Fast Maintenance

Replacing old copper cables with digital communication capability shortens installation and retrofit times and enables complete system supervision, reducing maintenance requirements. Fiber optic communications provides requires electrical isolation.

Security of Investment (Capex)

Digital technology creates a future-proof substation, thanks to efficient information management, diagnostics and data configuration for optimized operation and maintenance.

Lowered Operational Costs

Easy – remote maintenance, control and supervision

Increased Availability & Uptime

Complete supervision of all substation automation components facilitates faster fault detection and elimination, and further minimizes the need for periodic maintenance, lowering costs as well as reducing outage times.

Increased Performance

Merging units with minimum delay times and IEDs with DYMEC’s highest GOOSE network performance levels support fast data transfer and protection functionality.

Key Solution

tejar power substation

Tejar Power Substation

PowerT&D was acquired by Alstom of France in October of 2010. Alstom and Schneider Electric combined forces and worked as joint-solution providers for the country’selectrical transmission and distribution systems. The two companies provided solutions that allowed the company to bring electricity from the generating site to the distribution network. High reliability and high security ethernet is why the DYMEC product was chosen.

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