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PowerT&D was acquired by Alstom of France in October of 2010. Alstom and Schneider Electric combined forces and worked as joint-solution providers for the country’selectrical transmission and distribution systems. The two companies provided solutions that allowed the company to bring electricity from the generating site to the distribution network. They built both high and medium voltage substations, and the infrastructure required to fully manage new digital substations.

One example is Project X.This is a main substation located in the city of Tejar, Mexico. The installation group chose DYMEC IEC61850 Ethernet products. The KY-3000EM switch was used to provide a high reliability backbone that was used to manage the digital substation. The switches are used as both a backbone and access switch for the substation. High reliability and high security ethernet is why the DYMEC product was chosen.

  • IEC61850 & IEEE 1613 Compliant Products
  • Real time transmission of GOOSE / GSSE packets
  • Fully Redundant Network – no single point of failure
  • Fully resistant to harsh substation environments, strong EMI, extreme temperature variation, high surge potentials
  • UL Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Location (HazLoc)

To obtain the benefits of IEC 61850, the underlying communication backbone must operate reliably in harsh substation environments. This is why IEC 61850 also specifies environmental criteria for EMI immunity. Areva T&D chose DYMEC products to construct a rugged substation backbone because DYMEC has the best IEC 61850 & IEEE 1613, high security products in the world. Our products have also passed the full certification testing conducted by KEMA. (KEMA is an independent consulting & testing laboratory for certification services in the energy and power utility markets).

The KY-3000EM Series Switch is a temperature hardened, fully managed, Industrial Ethernet switch. Designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh & climatically demanding utility substation and industrial environments. The switch supports QoS, VLAN and MAC Table for easy troubleshooting. Supports the real time transmission of GOOSE / GSSE packets for priority data support. Temperature range is -40 c ~ +80 C, with a Protection Class of IP40. UL Class 1 Divison 2 – Hazardous Location (HazLoc)

DYMEC’s KY-3000EM are deployed in this project to connect all of the SEL Protection Relays on a fiber backbone ring with guaranteed recovery times in the event of a network failure.

DYMEC Serial Links were used as isolation communicators for serial RTU’s and other legacy serial support applications

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