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DYMEC: Driving the Digital Network Transformation of Factory Automation

The DYMEC ORing-PaaS / IIoT is a cloud-oriented cooperation model for integration. The IoT software framework’s primary purpose at its core, is to link solutions into the cloud and into the customer’s particular application. The DYMEC – ORing PaaS / IIOT utilizes both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud facilities.

Hardened Industrial Ethernet will continue to experience widespread adoption, providing the Smart Factory with the standardized high bandwidth data communications infrastructure needed for true mass customization. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) will provide the efficient, secure, and highly configurable addressing to allow the factory operator seamless access right down to a specific sensor node on a machine for configuration and interrogation. Emerging IEEE 1588v2 (Precision Time Protocol) time sensitive networking standards enable precise deterministic timing of control and measurement cycles essential for coordinating machines in motion. Increasing adoption of wireless sensing, monitoring, and control systems is likely as technology capabilities continue to improve. Robust wired connectivity is likely to continue to play an important role, particularly in electrically noisy environments. Power-over-Ethernet technologies (DYMEC has 30 / 60 / 95 Watt PoE) will enable power distribution to distributed sensors, actuators, and other networked devices, while also reducing cabling costs.

Industry 5.0 Smart Factories and Smart Machines continue to drive dramatic efficiency improvements across the supply chain, within the factory and inside machines. Advances in connected sensing technologies will help provide valuable information to reduce energy consumption, save time, reduce waste, reduce downtime, and prevent accidents

Building Automation:
At DYMEC, our Building Automation Network System is the primary foundation of modern building energy management efficiency. This intelligent, world-class network technology system connects your commercial HVAC, lighting, security, video and protection systems – enabling them to communicate across a single platform to deliver the information you need, allowing you to make smarter, savvier decisions while enhancing your occupants’ comfort, safety, productivity – while lowering your costs.

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Tesla Car Part Manufacturing

Tesla Car Part Manufacturing

Tesla Corporation is best known for its electric car. Tesla is also a leading edge manufacturing company. It’s manufacturing operations are known to be self sufficient, reliable as well as non-stop. Tesla was in need of a highly integrated car parts inspection system. The parts inspection (QC) network consists of large numbers of sensors, PLC’s and HMI’s – to collect data for the master Control & Operations Center. The network is run non-stop 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It must be reliable, with Zero Packet Loss.

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