Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Federal, State, County and Local governments are under intense pressure to deliver higher standards of services to more people at a lower cost than ever before.  This requires Departments of Transportation along with local Roads & Street Departments to build not only for today, but envision the infrastructure of tomorrow. Today we have infrastructure that we communicate to; tomorrow we will have a transportation infrastructure that we communicate and interact with.

To meet this challenge, we must:

  • Maximize the reliability and efficiency of our network communications systems, so that they deliver high-quality data, securely, reliably and at the lowest possible cost.
  • Install devices that raise the level of safety and convenience for the citizens, and provide advanced analytical information to those who run and maintain our roads, bridges.
  • Provide Cyber-Security, Cyber-Secure Video, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our information networks.
  • Find a partner with the depth of expertise, the resources, and the commitment to support you through the entire system lifecycle.
  • Provide leading edge Layer 3, 10 Gigabit, Network designs
  • Automated Analytics for Advanced Video Asset Management

Key Solution

wichita traffic control system traffic light

Wichita Traffic Control Systems

In 2002, the City of Wichita, KS approved a program for regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects. One of the projects consisted of upgrading existing traffic signal systems. A part of this project was to build out network connectivity between the traffic signal cabinets. This required network hardware, including managed network switches used to monitor , regulate, and switch traffic in each signal cabinet. The DYMEC 3170 Traffic Switch was selected in 2010 after an extensive selection process.

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