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Westchester Reservoir, New York City, NY


Water & Waste Treatment

Westchester Reservoir System Diagram

The Kensico Reservoir was built in 1915 – almost 100 years ago. It was built to provide water to New York City. Located 24 miles north of the city the reservoir provides both water and recreational areas. This reservoir provides about 2% of the water needs for New York City.

New security systems are required to maintain the safety and integrity of the reservoir. In addition to video cameras, the new redundant ethernet network supports a variety of biological and chemical sensor packages providing a stream of real-time data information.

The network is required to be both redundant and Cyber Secure. The DYMEC switches contain both Cybe-Secure Video and Clean code Technology. Low cost of operation combined with ruggedized switch packaging makes this network affordable and reliable 24 X 7 X 365.

  • Serial device servers with Ethernet switches are required to connect peripheral serial devices and form a redundant fiber ring
  • The devices should be able to work under damp, high temperature, water environments
  • Devices must be low voltage for easy power backup
  • The devices should be anti corrosion resistant to fog and water spray

DYMEC switches power the reservoir information systems, power monitoring,
video, security, alarm and sensor packaging. Being able to provide VLAN’s for the various networked devices is key to reliability and ease of maintenance. All of the switches are redundantly powered and redundantly uplinked for maximum security and reliability.

Subsystems such as cameras – which are used for monitoring and security, require Power Over Ethernet (POE). For these systems the 12 port, KY-8PSE30WM switch provides eight 30 watt (POE+) gigabit PSE ports combined with 4 SFP gigabit fiber uplinks for redundancy and capacity. Designed to handle High Definition (HD) cameras and their traffic at full frame resolution.

By utilizing all 4 gigabit fiber uplink ports – the installation team provided 4 gigabits of uplink capacity as well as fiber path diversity for an extra measure of insurance against fiber cuts. The switch comes in both rack mount and din-rail versions. AC or DC powered, with the DC version having dual inputs.

There is also a 24 port rack mount version of this switch also. The KY-7024GMP+ has twelve 30 Watt (POE+) PSE ports and 12 SFP ports for maximum reliability and safety.

All DYMEC products have small carbon footprints, with low energy consumption, making the product more economical to operate and earth-friendly.

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