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Tesla Car Part Manufacturing System Diagram

Tesla Corporation is best known for its electric car. Tesla is also a leading edge manufacturing company. It’s manufacturing operations are known to be self sufficient, reliable as well as non-stop. Tesla was in need of a highly integrated car parts inspection system. The parts inspection (QC) network consists of large numbers of sensors, PLC’s and HMI’s – to collect data for the master Control & Operations Center. The network is run non-stop 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It must be reliable, with Zero Packet Loss.

Quality is paramount at Tesla, and the network used for Quality Control must be reliable. Tesla designs and operates the most modern and complex factory systems in the world.

DYMEC products were chosen because of their rugged reliability and their use in oil patches around the world. Our products are UL Class 1 Division 2 (HazLoc) Hazardous Location. American Certified Ethernet.

  • The Tesla Car Part Inspection system needed to be fully compliant with all international standards for Industrial Ethernet. The Ethernet devices need to be a small- compact form factor due to space limitations. A wide range in Temperature is needed for harsh factory environments. Surge protection is required on all ports and all power inputs. The device MUST be Cyber- Secure and have redundant power inputs.

  • Easy maintenance and high reliability ratings are a mandatory requirement for all Tesla production facilities.

The DYMEC IP Switch was chosen for its rugged construction and compact design. The switch has 16 x 10/100Base(T)X & 4 x 100/1000 SFP slots. Compact & low power, the switch has 4 uplinks to provide dual redundant rings and lots of bandwidth. The switch is a UL Class 1 Div 2 (HazLoc) Hazardous Location, Industrial Ethernet switch. This device is extremely compact – with the smallest foot print in its class.

Ruggedized – the switch is ruggedized to withstand, vibration, dust, heat, and electrical dips. The power inputs, as well as every data port is protected against electrical surges and spiking. There is no problem co-locating the switch adjacent to oilfield pumps and motors. Dust, smoke and vapor are no threat to the reliable operation of the DYMEC switch.

The DYMEC products are equipped with Cyber-Secure Video & Clean Code Technology. Secure video transmission – free from hackers. Our silicon enhancements and cyber-secure coding, add to the speed, reliability and security of the switch. Designed from the silicon up to guard against viruses, bots and foreign code. The switch provides constant safeguards against network intrusion, hackers and malware.

DYMEC Serial Links were used for legacy serial protocol support.

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