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Secure Power Utility Solutions


Rural Power Utility Areas, USA



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America’s Rural Power Utilities are busy automating their substation networks and control systems.

SCADA, along with new security mechanisms are first and foremost at the top of FEMA CIP Compliance for power utilities.

DYMEC offers the new Q-Guard -
a Lidar based Perimeter Control System. Designed specifically for effective perimeter control with no false positive.

DYMEC aids utilities with critical infrastructure requirements in 3 ways:
1. SCADA – Automation of Digital Substations and Control Systems.
2. Cyber-Security within the Ethernet Network
3. Physical Security of Assets

DYMEC – ORing has a very large set of solutions for Power Utilities and Power Transmission Providers.

  • Supports IEC 61850, IEEE1613, & EN50155

  • Layer 3 Ethernet Switch & Router with 4 x 10GbE Ports

  • Supports GOOSE Message Transparent

  • Supports Data Con guration Backup Unit

  • Layer 3 functionality includes Static Route, RIPv1/v2, and VRRP

  • Wide Temperature Range: -40 ~ +75C

DYMEC – ORing has the solution needed by Power Utilities. The RGS-PR9004GP+ME is a Layer 3, Modular Router, designed and certified for the power utility market. This product allows utilities to move away from simplistic , Layer 2 networks and
utilize the advanced networking tools available for Layer 3 routed networks.

The advanced modular layer 3 router chassis has four built-in 10GbE ports for redundant network access and ample network connectivity bandwidth. This allows 40 Gigabits of network connectivity from the device to the enterprise network it is connected to.

Power utilities need bandwidth to support the various applications present at remote substations, vaults, generating plants and power control systems. SCADA, Security, Access Control, Video, and a host of other applications are needed in todays modern electrical grid.

We have a complete line of certified products that meet and exceed the needs of todays Power Utility clients. From Maine to California, Canada to Mexico, our Power Utility products deliver value and reliability.

Q-Guard Delivers Perimeter Security – with no false positive BlackBird SR-2017 – Camera Guard and Video Analytics Automation

DYMEC Value – Made in U.S.A.

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