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America’s Rural Telecommunications Providers are working to help secure Industrial & Agricultural facilities in rural America, including pipelines, power substations, crop storage, warehouses & distribution require protection.

DYMEC with the RTS offers the new Q-Guard – a Lidar based Perimeter Control System. Designed for effective perimeter control with no false positives.

DYMEC & the RTA aids industry with critical infrastructure requirements.
Working with the RTA, we help secure Power Utility Substations, pipelines, and storage facilities.

Q-Guard detects intruders at the perimeter – before entry – allowing more time for security to act and respond. The DYMEC – RTA Solution works!

  • Supports IEC 61850, IEEE1613, & EN50155

  • Layer 3 Ethernet Switch & Router with 4 x 10GbE Ports

  • Fanless, Convection Cooled

  • Supports Data Configuration Backup Unit

  • Layer 3 functionality includes Static Route, RIPv1/v2, and VRRP

  • Wide Temperature Range: -40 ~ +75C

DYMEC began working with the RTA in response to increased security requirements for infrastructure and industrial assets. Combining telecommunications services with DYMEC Analytic Applications is a win-win for everyone.

The deployment of cameras is everywhere, and rural America is no exception. The deployment of DYMEC’s BlackBird SR-2017 Camera Guard allows for the real-time analysis of video cameras and their PTZ capability. One BlackBird System can analyze up to 1500 cameras, make sure they are secure and check the video quality from the camera.

Perimeter protection is very important in unmanned areas. Expensive and critical assets need to be protected 24 x 7. The RTA deployment of Q-Guard protects areas before actual penetration and possible damage to assets.

RTA members deliver the communication links, and DYMEC provides the advanced analytics to protect and defend infrastructure and assets. From oilfields, gas pipes, grain bins, railroad sidings, or distribution centers – America is protected
Q-Guard Delivers Perimeter Security – with no false positive BlackBird SR-2017 – Camera Guard and Video Analytics Automation

DYMEC Value – Made in U.S.A.

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