ClairBox R

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Traffic AI Box with AI Video Processing and Signal Optimization

The ClairBox-R AI Box represents the pinnacle of intelligent video recognition devices tailored for traffic applications. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology and boasting formidable video processing capabilities, AI Box excels in real-time capture and analysis of video content. Its core strength lies in its deep learning algorithms, endowing the device with human-like understanding and recognition abilities, accurately identifying shapes of road users and environmental features. With millisecond-level processing speed, it achieves high accuracy vehicle detection, road user classification, and event identification, revolutionizing traffic detection.

Beyond its prowess in video recognition, AI Box serves as a signal algorithm generation hub, streamlining signal optimization processes by providing split, cycle, offset optimization, and scheme generation based on real-time traffic data. Its expanded software functionalities enable green wave generation, special vehicle pre-emption, traffic signal performance evaluation, incident alert, and touchless pedestrian button activation. By fostering distributed computing among AI Boxes across different intersections, it autonomously generates region-based signal optimization solutions, achieving optimal control effects with minimal human intervention.

  • Integrated with Gigabit PoE switch support up to 6 standard or existing PoE cameras.
  • AI & neural network video processing for high accuracy vehicle detection, road user classification & event identification.
  • Control optimization including split, cycle, offset optimization and scheme generation.
  • Group intelligence based on distributed computing.
  • Open protocol to any type of legacy controllers.
  • Temperature Hardened
  • Operating Temperature of -40°C ~ 85°C (-40°F ~ 185°F)
  • 3 Year / Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight: 2.3kg, Length: 483mm, Width: 160mm, Height: 44.5mm



Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 16 × 4.45 cm