Repair & Refurbishment Center


Dymec’s Repair, Replacement, and Refurbishment Services

  • Warranty & Non-Warranty Services
  • Customized Repair Depot
  • Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Logistics Support
  • Reverse Logistics Support
  • Over 60 Years Experience
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DYMEC focuses on returns avoidance. Our repair depot remains active by offering the best industry Repair & Refurbishment service for our customers as well as for depot-specific customers. DYMEC provides customers with a wide range of aftermarket warranty and non-warranty services including repair, replacement, and refurbishment. Our information systems integrate seamlessly with customer systems to ensure real-time repair status visibility as well as help manage availability of spares and subassemblies. Repair depot turnaround time can be customized to address your end customer retention requirements. Our e-waste recycling program ensures products are disposed of in accordance with all applicable disposal laws. Finally, integration with DYMEC’s production facilities allows our repair operations to leverage engineering expertise, internal systems and industry-specific quality certifications, yet provide highly customized repair depot support, all while controlling costs and extending the life of your capital equipment.

Customized Repair Depot

  • Warranty and non-warranty repair services
  • Component-level and process-level failure analysis to uncover operational efficiencies
  • Service upgrades to latest revision
  • RoHS-compliant or leaded production support
  • Serialization and custom tracking support integrated with packaging at final test
  • Remanufacturing and refurbishment services

Industry-Specific Expertise

  • Electrical Generation
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Medical
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Animatronics

Logistics Support

  • Seamless integration with customer data management systems and supplier electronic data exchanges
  • Supplier managed inventory
  • In-house customs brokerage service to support our global customer base
  • Emergency cross-shipments

Reverse Logistics Support

  • Product returns and repairs management
  • Product history and customer traceability recordkeeping
  • Spares stocking and inventory management
  • Recycling and e-waste management
  • Distribution center restocking