20-Port Layer 3 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch



Max Number of Ports:20

Gigabit Ethernet Ports:NA

Fast Ethernet Ports:8

100/1000Tx SFP Ports:12

1000Tx SFP Ports:NA

1GbE/10GbE SFP+ Ports:NA

Power Over Ethernet Ports:NA

Network Chipset Mfr:Vitesse

Power Input:12~48 Volts DC

Temperature Hardened:YES

Operating Temperature:Ext:-40°C ~ 85°C (-40°F ~ 185°F)

DYMEC Warranty:5 Year / Limited Lifetime



The KY-2189RG is a High Security & High Performance Ethernet router designed by DYMEC for rugged applications and security. Secure Router 16 Mb The all gigabit port router combined with Device Binding Security is an easy to configure Layer 3 routing switch with 12 X 100/1000 SFP uplink ports. Dual DC Inputs for redundancy, and low cost ,make this the ruggedized router of choice for layer 3 applications. Temperature hardened with every port surge protected. Supports IEC 62439-2 MRP for redundant application support. This is a Certified Secure Router and is designated a High Security Ethernet (HSE) device. The routing switch has full DHCP and IEEE 1588v2 timing capabilities. Supports TACACS+, LLDP, SMTP, Radius and port authentication. and lockdown. 15 Security Levels available. Easy configuration, backup restore. Supports Html / ASCII file edits over TFTP, SFTP, and Telnet. Supports 1-Button Backup and Restoral for complete configuration maintenance. No PC is needed for configuration replacement or hardware swap outs.


Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 18 cm